Monday, March 28, 2005

It's been way too long since I've been on here! Just for an update, I'm doing great in all of my classes at school(except for Geometry!!!). I turned the big 16 on March 10, and I'm thinking about getting my permit this summer(YEEEHAWWW!!!). Today I visited the Indianapolis State House. I met Senator Alting, Dr. Suellen Reed, and Sean Astin( yep, that's right. Samwise Gamgee in the flesh!!!) It was was very neat. I even got Mr. Astin's autograph!!! Now for a joke.

Adam says to God, "Lord, I'm really lonely. Could you please make me a companion?"
God says, "I have the perfect companion for you. She's beautiful. She works hard. She loves animals. More importantly, you'll be the only person she'll love."
Adam says, "That sounds pretty good to me. I'll take her."
God said, "There's a catch though. You gotta' give me an arm and a leg, Adam."
Adam thought for a second and said, "Lord, what will you give me for a rib?"

See ya,

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