Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I'm having a pretty good summer so far. I took driver's ed a few weeks ago. I didn't know a single person there! Eventually, I got out of my comfort zone and met most of the people there. It was hard work, but thankfully I passed with a B average. We watched a awful lot of movies and took lots of notes! SCHOOL IS OVER PEOPLE!!! One movie in particular was called RED ASPHALT III. It was gruesome! They had a cop scooping up a guy's brains and loads of decapitated corpses! Sweet!
Right now I'm doing small jobs for my parents and relatives. My youth group at church is going on a missions trip to Chicago. We're looking forward to it very much. I'll write about it when I get back.
Now for a joke...

A grandparent is out working in the yard when one of his grandkids comes up to him and says, "Grandpa, will you croak like a frog for me?"
"I can't right now. I'm working."
A few minutes later, another grandkid walks up to the grandpa and says, "Grandpa, will you croak like a frog for me?"
"I can't right now. I'm busy working."
A few more minutes later, the last grandkid goes up to the grandpa and says,"Grandpa, will you PLEASE CROAK LIKE A FROG FOR ME?"
The grandpa stops his work, turns around, and says, "Why do you kids want me to croak like a frog for?"
The grandkid replies, "Because Momma said that we could go to Disneyworld after Grandpa croaks."

So long,

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