Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hi everyone.

It's been a busy summer for me! I recently got back from a missions trip to Chicago and it was a life-changing experience. I also got back from our family vacation to Minnesota. It was loads of fun. I was pretty cold, but we caught lots of fish. I'm leaving for my Grandma's tonight and I'm taking a field trip to Cedar Point with my youth group from Monday through Wednesday. That and school is starting up soon. I managed to get my wisdom teeth removal moved to October. (Phew!) That and I recently found out that a female blogger likes me. *blush* Well, here's a joke.

A man is going ice fishing for the first time. He packs a tent, his poles, an icepick, bait, and an overcoat. He searches for a pond and he finally finds one that he likes. So he sets up his tent, gets all his gear out, and begins to pick away at the ice. Suddenly a voice calls out, "There are no fish there." The man is startled, but he moves his tent and his gear to the other end of the pond and begins to pick away at the ice again. Suddenly, the same voice calls out, "There are no fish there either." The man moves to a different spot and begins to pick away at the ice again. The same voice, in an agitated tone, calls out, "Look buddy! There are no fish there!" The man calls out, "Who are you? Are you God?"
The voice replies, "No, I'm the manager and the skating rink is closed!"

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