Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hi everybody,

Well, school has just started up. Right now we're eight days into it (only 172 to go!). It's going along pretty smoothly so far, but I'm expecting it to be harder as the year goes. Right now, my favorite subject is World History. Our teacher is the bomb! I like all of the classes right now. I've made some new school buddies and I think it's shaping up to be a good year. My friends from Terre Haute came to visit our family last night. I haven't seen them for years. Right now one of them is playing drums and the other is playing bass. They are both serving in the worship band. That's really encouraging! They also told me a joke that I thought I'd share with you.

A Jewish Rabbi, a Hindu monk, and a televangalist are wandering through the woods looking for a place to spend the night. They finally see a farmhouse in the distance and they run over and knock on the door. The farmer answers the door, listens to their story, and says, "Of course you can stay. The thing is, I only have two beds available, but one of you can sleep in the barn."
The Rabbi says, "I'll sleep in the barn." So he goes to the barn, the other two get into their beds and everyone falls asleep. Soon the Rabbi comes knocking at the door. The farmer says, "What's the matter?" The Rabbi replies, "There's a pig in your barn, and pigs are considered unclean in our religion. I can't stay in the barn."
The monk says that he will sleep in the barn. So everybody gets into their beds and they fall asleep. Soon the monk comes knocking at the door and says, "I can't sleep in your barn. There's a cow in there, and cows are considered sacred by our people."
The televangalist says, "Alright then, I'll sleep in the barn."
Shortly after they'd all fallen asleep, the pig and the cow came knocking at the door.

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