Friday, September 23, 2005

Hello everyone!

I am in a particularly strange mood. I feel like expressing my woes for bodily functions.

Cowlicks- My cowlick has become my trademark in the family. It sticks out into the air, even when my hair is wet. But I like my cowlick. It's who I am. Never ever shave your cowlick off! No matter how many times you do it, it will always grow back to the way it was. Believe me, I'm talking from experience.

Zits- I'm sure we are all familiar with these red spots that randomly appear on our faces. Zits are annoying little things; but whatever you do, DON'T TRY AND POP THEM! It only makes them worse. Also, never shave them off with a razor. That will usually make you bleed. I know that from experience too. It's best to leave them alone, and they'll eventually go away. I got help from an excellent dermatologist, so zits don't bother me now.

Well that all... for now


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It is day 2 of the ISTEP testing. It went better than yesterday. We did a bunch of essay writing. We got done an hour early, and I got to watch Get Smart, my favorite old spy show. We also got to watch a little bit of Timeline, Ivanhoe, and Henry VIII. Timeline had the guy who plays Murdock (I like Macgyver) in it! I got my progress reports back. So far I'm doing well! Algebra II might ruin it, though. Well, here's a short joke.

A boy comes home with a report card full of F's. He askes his dad, "Well, Dad, what do you think it is? Heredity or environment?"


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hey everybody,

We had ISTEP testing today. They were, to quote Mermaid Man, "EEEEEEVVVILLL! Evil! Evil! Evil! Evil!" I got through the English part alright, but the math sections were awful. I barely got through one, and I ran out of time on the other one. My brain hurts. Oh well. I'll take some Alka-Seltzer and prepare for tomorrows test.

Talk to ya'll later,

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