Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hello everyone!

It's been a rather interesting fall break. On Wednesday, I skipped school to get my wisdom teeth removed. While some of you may not care... I'll tell you the story anyway.

We arrived at Dr. Bagnoli's office at 8:15. We went into his "office" (a.k.a THE LAB)and he told me about the procedure. He then put a nozzle over my nose and told me to inhale. It was laughing gas. Laughing gas is inappropriately titled. I didn't laugh even though my lungs were full of the stuff. Instead, it felt like my whole body was starting to swell up. I then began to feel extremely lightheaded. Suddenly, I felt a pinch at my arm. It was Dr. Bagnoli injecting a needle into my vein. (I didn't feel a thing though.)The needle transfered the anesthesia into my bloodstream and soon Dr. Bagnoli's voice began to fade away as I drifted into a painless sleep. I kept hearing Bohemian Rhapsody in my head for some odd reason. When I woke up, I was sore but alive. Currently, I am in no pain, I have stitches in my mouth, and my cheeks are swelled up. (this provided entertainment for a certain female blogger [Oh I'm sorry! She prefers to be called a blogess!].)I'm doing fine now. Thanks to everyone who was praying for me. Your prayers made all the difference.
Oh yeah, and I was on a pudding/jello/mashed potato/soup/yogurt diet. That meant that I could eat pudding for breakfast. How cool is that!
Talk to you later!

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