Friday, November 18, 2005

Hello everyone!

I've been rather busy since my last post. I have a huge English poetry project to do and a science project on top of that. Sometimes I wonder how I'll ever get any guitar practice in! I don't worry about devotions or prayer. I can always find time to read God's word.
Also, I'm happy to say that I received the privilage of being the Rabbi in the school play Fiddler on the Roof! Joel Benson was almost betting money that I'd get it. Joel should be proud of himself too. He got the lead character Tevia. Bob Brza got the part of Perchik, Luke Helmer is my assistant (or son, I can't remember right now.), Emily Helmer is Yenta, Jessie Riley is the fiddler, Daniel Nelson is Fyedka, and all my other school buddies got parts too. It'll be a lot of hard work, but I bet that we can do it. Wish us all luck.


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