Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hello everyone!

I am greatly enjoying the snow day that we had on Friday. It's the first snowday we've had since I've been to Faith, so I treated it like a day off and lounged the day away.
Somehow the Journal and Courier truck managed to knock down our mailbox. That's a real nice way to treat a valuable customer! We managed to temporarily fix it.
I went out to get the mail today, and I saw a package from I have a hunch that Mom got me something off my Christmas list. Yes!
I also strung my guitar as a twelve string. It sounds awesome!
I read Jessie Riley's blog today too. It confused me very much. Oh well, that's the way most girls are anyway. No can figure them out except for God.
I finished my poetry project for English. It took a lot of hard work but it was fun. Maybe I'll post a poem on here sometime. Maybe.

To all of my buddies: Keep warm, stay safe on the roads, and don't try eating yellow snow.


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